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What to expect from a one-day Pressed Juicery cleanse

Arielle Berneman

By • February 25, 2018

If you’re like me, the thought of ditching food and just drinking liquids for a full day scares you. We’re texture people, we like to chew our food. Starting my first liquids-only cleanse, I really didn’t know what to expect; Would I be hungry? Would I have enough energy to work out? Would I even make it a full day? Fast forward 24 hours later, I have good news… I made it and I’m here to fill you in on all the details.

After picking up my juice cleanse from Pure Studio, I researched how to prep for the big day. To get the most out of your cleanse, you should wean yourself off of caffeine and carbs. Well, I successfully went 3 days without caffeine. I really went above and beyond for that one, considering I usually can’t function without it. Carbs, not so much.

I did my research, made the commitment, now it’s time to drink the juices. Each juice is filled with 16 ounces of pure goodness. I spotted my favorites as soon as I picked up the cleanse. The Vanilla Almond juice immediately caught my eye, aka the heavy one, aka the most filling. I was a little disappointed to see that only one out of six were nut milk based, but let’s be real, what do you expect from a cleanse? I personally expected lots of greens.

So here goes nothing!

I started my juice cleanse with the Greens 2 at 10am. As you would guess from the name, it was packed with greens plus and a splash of citrus and apple to give it some sweetness. While I waited for my next drink, I made sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Since I was only doing the one day cleanse, I didn’t have any intention of slowing down my normal workout routine. I had a spin class in the afternoon and I was very curious to see if I would have the energy for it.

Second juice in and so far so good. Citrus 1 was very refreshing and fairly similar to the first juice. I was ready for something new for my third drink. Roots 3 made its debut as the 3rd drink in the cleanse and I loved it! I tasted beets, apple and lots of ginger. I have a thing for ginger, so this was definitely my favorite so far.

This was my last juice until after my spin class, so the real test of energy began then. A few songs into the spin class I actually had the same amount of energy as I would if I was eating normally. Certain foods definitely weigh me down, so I was all about this extra energy boost!

The fourth and fifth juice went down pretty similar to the first two drinks. They weren’t heavy drinks and I was getting hungry. Pressed Juicery recommends drinking some broth if you get hungry. Given bone broth is one of my favorite drinks to sip on, I didn’t even hesitate.

The sixth juice, Vanilla Almond, was, of course, my favorite. It had the thickness and creaminess that I’ve been waiting all day for. It didn’t hurt that this juice was filled with proteins, minerals and B vitamins. The goal of not going to bed hungry was a success. I loved how the cleanse ended on a high note.

Post cleanse and I’m feeling great! I didn’t wake up hungry and definitely had an extra boost of energy throughout the day. It was a great way to reset my body. Will I do it again? Probably, just make sure the Vanilla Almond is included again 😉

Don’t forget to check out Pure Studio’s one and three-day juice cleanse promo, email for details!

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Arielle Berneman

By • February 25, 2018