Need to get a loved one the perfect Holiday gift? Head to the studio to shop our Holiday must-haves!

1. Mono B High Waist Star Leggings, $24.99
Leggings with the small star detail add the perfect feminine touch plain black leggings. Have a star person in your life? These would be the perfect gift!

2. Puppies Make Me Happy Pet Row Crop Top, $30
Support puppies and fitness and your dog loving friend/loved ones! Throw it over our camo bra and you are ready for a kick-ass class!

3. Tiem Slipstream SPD Cycling Shoe, $125
Go from street to studio with this high fashion SPD compatible cycling shoe. *Limited colors & sizes available in studio, all color/ size options available for pre-order.

4. Pure Spark Cobalt Sports Bra with Removable Hood, $41.99
Our new Pure spark cobalt sports bra with removable hood adds support with a hint of fashion! This is the optimal gift for the stylish avid rider.

5. Ride Pure Nylon Baseball Hat, $23.99
We have an assortment of hats and colors for the workout guru who likes to hide from the San Diego sun!

6. Pure Double Insulated Water Bottle, $23.99
Help our environment by purchasing one of our eco-friendly water bottles as a gift. This can be filled up at our refillable water station before and after class!

7. Pure Digital Gift Card, $25+
gift for the Pure lover who can pick and choose their own gift!

There are too many cute things to choose from…

Which of these items are you going to give your favorite spin enthusiast?


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Maria Disla

By • December 20, 2017