Emily a Boston native began her fitness journey at a young age, growing up she was a tri-sport athlete until college where she channeled her passion for fitness and began instructing group fitness.  She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, graduating with a degree is Hospitality and Tourism Management.

She was so in love with instructing group fitness that upon graduating college this spunky 22-year-old said YOLO! She packed up her things and moved across the country to sunny San Diego and never looked back!

Aside from indoor cycling, Emily loves a good HIIT workout and will try just about any workout at least once. She’s got a sweet spot for hip-hop, rap and trap music. Her playlists are always guaranteed to help you channel your inner ‘Yonce on the bike.

Grab a bike and join Emily for her first Community Ride this Friday @ 8:30 am!

Don’t forget to follow Emily P. on Instagram and Spotify!

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Maria Disla

By • January 24, 2018