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It’s time to forget about resolutions and start setting new intentions for the New Year. Pure Insanity Week is back, which means it’s time to train insane.

Our special 7-Day Challenge starts on January 28th, giving you 7 days to sweat it out and reach your goal. During Insanity Week, we’ve got fun theme rides, dual rides, a special 90 minute ride and daily pop-up shops and giveaways!

New to the Pure Insanity Week Challenge? Here’s everything you need to know!

The Pure Insanity Week challenge runs from 1/28 – 2/3, and you must ride at least 5 times within that 7 day period to complete the challenge. You can ride more than 1x per day, but only 2 rides from every calendar day will count towards your total goal.

If you complete the Pure Insanity Week challenge, you will receive a limited edition Pure Tote Bag loaded with amazing products from our favorite brand partners. Once the Pure Insanity Week challenge ends, all participants who hit the 5 ride goal will be contacted to confirm prize details.

Ready to say #noresolutions? Start booking your Insanity Week Rides HERE. Don’t have a series? Grab the Insanity Week Special – 5 Rides for only $50! 

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Maria Disla

By • January 21, 2019