8 Helpful Tips for Your First Pure Ride

Maria Disla

By • December 6, 2017

So you signed you up for your first Pure ride, now what?!

For many people, indoor cycling can be intimidating. There are a lot of things to think about before you even get into the studio – what do I wear? What do I tell the instructor? What if I can’t do a whole class? No need to fear, we’re here to guide you through the process! Here are 8 tips to make your first ride at Pure a success!

1. Have a question? Give us a ring

Sometimes a simple phone call and friendly voice can ease your pre-ride nerves. If you sign-up, show up. And remember that our instructors are trained to coach multiple ability levels and offer modifications for more complicated moves.

2. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you have water to keep you hydrated before, during and after your ride. For a 45-minuted ride you should try to drink at least 45 oz . of fluid.

3. Dress the part

We recommend you wear full length or cropped leggings/ pants that are fitted. For tops, a sweat-wicking t-shirt or tank top is perfect. And, of course, a good sports bra is always a must.

Indoor cycling cleats are ideal for safety/body alignment reasons so you can expect to receive complimentary cycling shoes to wear for your ride at Pure. We also provide towels so you can wipe down your handlebars when they get sweaty to avoid your hands from slipping off the bike.

4. We’re here to help

Our instructors understand how scary your first ride can seem. We’ve all been there!  Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and point out that it’s your first time. The instructor or one of our front desk staff members will ensure you are safely set up on your bike. Feel free to also let the instructor know if you have an injury, are pregnant or have any other concerns.

5. Let us help you find your proper bike fit

The instructor or front desk staff will be available to walk you through how the bike works when they are setting you up. The instructor will make sure to go over how the resistance knob works and when you will be using different hand positions on the bike.

6. Listen to your body

Listen to what your body is telling you. At the start of the ride focus on staying seated and work on developing the basics even if everyone else is. You will develop your own strength, and improve with each ride!

7. Don’t compare yourself to other riders

We encourage you not to compare themselves to anyone else in the room. This is your ride, we want you to focus on you. Focus on your goals and what motivates you and forget about everything else.

8. Stay for stretch

Cooling down allows your body to recover after an intense ride. It allows for proper blood flow back to the heart and other extremities and will help reduce post-ride muscle stiffness and soreness.


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Maria Disla

By • December 6, 2017